New company to sell angling permits for Norðurá

Skrifað 08/10/2021

Rafn Valur Alfreðsson on behalf of his company FHD will be responsible for all sales of angling permits in the salmon river Norðurá in West Iceland for the next years.

Agreements have been signed by him and Guðrún Sigurjónsdóttir Chairman of the Bord of Landowners by Norðurá river. The agreement has been validated by a general meeting of the owners.

Many were keen to undertake the task when the look for a new sales representative began since Einar Sigfússon decided to retire from sales. Einar has done an excellent job and following in his footsteps will be hard.

There will be some change in how rods will be dispersed along the river and they will be somewhat fewer and the main beats will become longer. Rafn will be selling permits for both Norðurá and Miðfjarðará for the next few years.

Rafn has said he is proud to undertake this task and of the trust he has been shown. His right hand man at Norðurá will be Brynjar Hreggviðsson known guide in Icelandic rivers.

Photo: Sigrún Ása Sturludóttir


Please contact Head of Sales Rafn Valur Alfreðsson for any and all information about procuring licences for angling in Norðurá. Either via phone +354 824 6460 or via email at mail to:


Tel: +354 859 3959

Riverkeeper Tel: +354 860 0333

Lodge Rjúpnaás Hill Tel: +354 435 0058


Norðurá is in Borgarfjörður, about 110 km from Reykjavík and to the lodge on Rjúpnaás.