Hundreds of Salmon seen running up Norðurá

Skrifað 31/12/1899

Salmon has begun running up Norðurá river after a long period of drought.

The family of Georg Gíslason at Borgir bought angling permits in the lower reaches of the river, Flóðatangi area, for Friday through Sunday last week. On Friday the family tried all the known pools without any luck. On Saturday they had work to do around the grounds but later the son got his dad to take him fishing. When they came to the riverbank there was no wind and the pool was like a mirror, the river was teaming with salmon in hundreds at Haugahylur by the old bridge supports.

The 11 year old son Gísli Georgsson caught a healthy silvery shiny salmon, this was his first but not last. The family caught 6 salmon in all.

There has been some rain at long last and the river has recovered fast in the last few days.

Ljósmyndir/photos: Georg Gíslason.


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Norðurá is in Borgarfjörður, about 110 km from Reykjavík and to the lodge on Rjúpnaás.