Beats Norðurá I

Beats Norðurá I

Beats Norðurá I Beats Norðurá II The mountain (Norðurá II) Munaðarnes Flóðatangi Map of Norðurá

Nordura 47 Beats of Norðurá I changes over the season. From June 6th (noon) it reaches from Kálfhylur pool inclusive to the bridge at Fornihvammur. From July 6th (noon) the area reaches from Engjanef pool by Munaðarnes inclusive to Hvammsleiti pool inclusive. From September 1st and till the end of the season on September 9th the area reaches from Engjanef pool inclusive to Kórksfoss pool inclusive.

Please be advised that the Landowners association of Norðurá as agreed to heed orders issued by the Icelandic Institute of Freshwater Fisheries to release all caught salmon 70 cm long and longer. This is done to preserve the rivers stock of large salmon.

According to Icelandic law on trout and salmon fishing all fishing 30 meters below and 20 meters above any fish ladder is strictly prohibited. Therefore no angling is allowed in Nikulásarker at Laxfoss, from which the ladder climbs and 20 meters from the waterfalls edge. The same holds true for Glanni waterfall. From Berghylur pool inclusive and up to where Hólabakshylur pool begins.


Please contact Head of Sales Rafn Valur Alfreðsson for any and all information about procuring licences for angling in Norðurá. Either via phone +354 824 6460 or via email at mail to:


Tel: +354 859 3959

Riverkeeper Tel: +354 860 0333

Lodge Rjúpnaás Hill Tel: +354 435 0058


Norðurá is in Borgarfjörður, about 110 km from Reykjavík and to the lodge on Rjúpnaás.